Research Interest

Meeta Lavania

Visiting scientist for enhanced coalbed Methane Production/generation The Energy and Resources Institute - India

Priyanka Basera, Meeta Lavania  and Banwari Lal. 2019. Potential of dynamic bacterial communities in the bio-corrosion process: a proof study with surface morphology of metal coupons. RSC Adv., 2019,9, 1704017050 
Anjali Sharma, Meeta Lavania and Banwari Lal, 2019. Rare Species Milk as a New Source for Potential LABs. Nutri Food Sci Int J 9(3): NFSIJ.MS.ID.555762 (2019). 
Anjali Sharma, Meeta Lavania, Raghvendar Singh and Banwari Lal. 2019. In vitro studies for probiotic and adhesion properties of LABs from camel milk. Submitted to Journal of Food Biosciences. 
Neha Sharma, Meeta Lavania, Shiv Kumar Dube and Banwari Lal 2019. Evaluation of indigenously developed cellulose membrane to regulate biofouling in cooling towers station. Submitted to Air water and soil Pollution  
Neha Sharma, Meeta Lavania, Vipin Kukreti, and Banwari Lal  2019. Instigation of indigenous thermophilic bacterial consortia for Enhanced Oil Recovery from high temperature oil reservoirs” by PLOS ONE: PONE-D19-09950.