Olga Hachay

Leader Scientific Researcher of the Institute in the frame of the Laboratory of Borehole Geophysics. Institute of Geophysics UB RAS - Russia
Research Interest

Ph. D.  «The inverse problem for electromagnetic research of one-dimensional medium » (1979)  IZMIRAN, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Prof: «Mathematical modeling and interpretation alternating electromagnetic fields in the heterogeneous crust and earth’s Mantle »  (1994)  Moscow State University Geological Faculty. 1995-2004 Chief of the group of seismic and electromagnetic research. Elaboration of new common methods for searching the structure and the state of the upper crust  Elaboration new theory of interepretation of electromagnetic and seismic fields and realizing it in new programs. From 2002-main scientific researcher of the Institute of geophysics UB RAS From 2008 –leader scientific researcher of the Institute in the frame of the laboratory of borehole geophysics.